Influential People

My personal journey has been greatly impacted by the following influential people:

Dr. Mark Hyman, his podcasts, and his many insightful books on nutrition.

Dave Asprey, author of The Bulletproof Diet. My husband and I drink his brand of coffee daily; and I seek out meat, butter and eggs from animals raised on pasture, thanks to the guiding words of Asprey.

Joshua Rosenthal, founder of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Where I learned that no single dietary approach works for all people. I learned to be a food detective, to experiment with food, and to be open-minded toward all dietary theories.

Books and websites that I highly recommend:

  • -- I am fascinated by this doctor's ability to spend 2-3 hours talking about a complex neuroscience topic in terms that even I can understand and appreciate. Dr. Huberman's August 22, 2022 episode on alcohol was especially enlightening for me.

  • Eat Fat, Get Thin, by Mark Hyman, MD -- you will learn about high quality dietary fats and why your body needs them

  • The Plant Paradox, by Steven Gundry, MD -- everything you ever wanted to know about leaky gut syndrome, and how to adjust your diet to heal your digestive system

  • By the Numbers, by Sean Manseau -- his classes taught me much of what I know about how to move in the gym

  • The Bulletproof Diet, by Dave Asprey -- how to hack your biology to feel your best

  • The Metabolic Effect Diet, by Jade and Keoni Teta -- how to keep your insulin levels low so that you can finally tap into stored body fat as fuel

  • The Blue Zones, by Dan Buettner -- a fun-spirited book about people who live to be 100 years or more, and how

  • The False Fat Diet, by Elson Haas, MD -- the "sensitive seven" foods that might be causing you bloat, gas, and inflammation (dairy, wheat, corn, sugar, soy, eggs, and peanuts; all are omnipresent in the standard American diet)