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Welcome! I am Rikki Stride and I am pleased to have you as a visitor.

While Jeff and I navigate life as parents of two teenagers and one tween (not to mention the two dogs whom we treat like babies), we aim to foster our own individuality in whatever ways possible. My interest in nutrition and wellness led me to enroll in the Health Coach program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (I just graduated October 2015…yay!). Now I’m feeling equipped and ready to help others with their personal goals. Specifically, I guide women to feel empowered about their food and lifestyle choices so that they can feel and look their best without feeling like they are on a deprivation diet. My focus is on good digestion and good sleep.

My mission:  I want to create a “slow-down” movement,” where women no longer feel overscheduled and overly busy. I want women to give themselves time for self-care in whatever form is appropriate for them. And I want women to not feel compelled to say “yes” to all requests for their help, time and energy. Gone with the supermom era! Let’s enjoy the time and space that we are in NOW so that we don’t have regrets later.

I hope that something in this blog will spark a healthy interest in you — try out a new recipe, consider giving up sugar or caffeine for a day (or two, or three), sign up for a 5k run.

I welcome all questions related to health, nutrition, wellness and fitness. Let’s get started!




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